The Sanctuary Foundation: Who We Serve

Marge calls herself spiritual, but not religious, yet she is looking for community, structure and accountability for her practice of faith.  Jim, a busy pastor in a large church, needs a place to be honest with God and himself as he discerns questions of spiritual leadership and renewal.  Opal, a devout Catholic, is worn out with caring for her spouse in declining health and needs a safe place to reflect on her life in God and find strength and renewal. She feels alone and cut off from supportive friends and relatives.  Susan comes bearing wounds from the violence perpetrated by a religious institution and its pastor. She is fearful and suspicious of “traditional” religious institutions and resources.  Russell, a long time active church member, is finding attending church a chore. He has lost his desire to pray or read scripture and feels he is losing his faith.  Matt is in seminary and needs ongoing vocational discernment and spiritual accountability in preparation for ministry.  Alice is on disability for mental illness. Regular sessions of spiritual guidance are an important piece of her recovery and support network.

Letters from the Holy Ground

"Are you looking for a tenderhearted yet discerning companion as you wrestle with issues of faith or the next step in your life's journey? Loretta Ross offers the kind of vital, straightforward, and insightful guidance we all need....Refreshingly accessible, often quite funny, yet profoundly wise, these meditations delight and inspire. The reader emerges refreshed and well anchored in the belief that holy ground is all around, and available to each of us!" Kathryn J. Zerbe, M.D

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The Praying Life

Spiritual Nurture and Support for Contemplative Living 


For over thirty years this ministry has offered spiritual nurture to a broad cross section of Christians of varied denominations and walks of life.  The Sanctuary touches many lives with its message of hope and peace in a chaotic violent world.

What we do...

The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer touches many lives - those searching for answers, those looking for more, and those who have felt the call of Grace in their lives and long to go deeper. The Sanctuary offers living water to thirsty souls, as we help people connect with the Source of life, deepen and expand their relationship with God, and enjoy the fruits of that communion in their lives, churches, families, and communities.

If You...
​-Yearn for "more" more peace, love, joy.
-Are facing crisis, uncertainty, loss or pain.
-Wonder how to tell the difference between your will and God's will.
-Are unwilling to settle for pat, shallow answers to your questions of faith.
-Are in a position of spiritual leadership and want to be accountable for your own growth.
-Know in your heart that certain things in your life must change, then...
...the Sanctuary may be the sanctuary you are seeking.

Loretta F Ross, is an Honorably retired Presbyterian minister and the Executive Director and Founder of The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer. Loretta is a member of the Presbytery of East Iowa with the ecclesiastical designation of Spiritual Director. Loretta earned her Masters of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, holds a Masters of Arts degree in theater, and is a graduate of The Shalem Institute Program for Spiritual Direction. She has served in Presbyterian, United Methodist, and United Church of Christ churches.